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Retherford Land & Livestock: Private Treaty Dispersal Sale

Updated: Nov 5, 2020


Retherford Land & Livestock, LLC - 2020 Herd Reduction Sale

Show Heifers – (Oldest to youngest) - All Open

1.(Tag 60) RL&L Cheyenne 60G - AAA 19843791 - DOB 12/02/2019 -– Sire: PVF Surveillance - Dam: HB Patton Superiority daughter out of our best full sister to RL&L Morningstar, and she sells as Lot 20. You will read the Morningstar name a lot. He was Reserve Division at the National Western and NJAS – a Style X Covells Cheyenne 0523 donor owned by Dameron Angus. Multiple full sisters have been sold by Damerons, one which sold for $130,000 valuation and won every show in Illinois in 2017. This heifer’s granddam was Senior Champion at the Indiana State Fair, and has been flushed several times. 60G has a freaky rib shape, is the right size, super long, and has a very calm disposition. She is broke, and could easily be shown as a Senior Yearling; but her best days are likely as an excellent cow.

2.(Tag 25) RL&L Pleasant Elsa H25 – AAA 19843782 - DOB 01/12/2020– ET from embryo purchased from Cherry Knoll – Sire: C&C McKinley – Dam Cherry Knoll Pleasant Elsa 1205, who sold for $60,000 as the top selling heifer on Cherry Knoll sale, and was Grand Champion at the 2013 North American. Coming to see this heifer alone is worth the trip. Incredibly stout and super hairy, she has monster bone, guts, power and style. She is the best animal we have had on the farm since the Silveiras Elba heifer Blake showed two years ago. Just like her dam, she had her tail stepped on as a baby so she will need a false switch, but everything else about this one is special. Broke to lead, and about 75% ready to go to the show. Seller retains 50% Embryo interest.

3.(Tag 29) RL&L Blackbird H62 – AAA 10944992 – DOB 02/02/2020 – ET – Sire: SAV Brave – Dam: Forum out of QLC Blackbird donor from Patton Angus. This heifer’s flush sister won her class at the Beef Congress, was 2nd at the North American, and 3rd at the NJAS. This heifer is bigger and stouter than her older sister, and has a beautiful front end. Her shoulders are a little rough for her to be competitive at a state level in my opinion, but again she will be an excellent cow. If you want a lower priced heifer that would still win most county fairs in Indiana, this one is also broke to lead.

4.(Tag 35) RL&L Cheyenne 35H – AAA 19842993 - DOB 3/02/2020 –– direct daughter of our best full sister to Morningstar, sired by PVF Power Chip. This heifer is a rare Surveillance that will surely get big enough, as she has her mother’s power. She is beautiful; and she will be nationally competitive. We have not had time to work with any of these heifers consistently (thus the reason we are selling way down in numbers), but she appears to be one for an older showman at this early stage in her training. She is broke to rough lead, and has been washed and clipped. Seller retains right to 12 embryos, at Seller’s cost and Buyer’s reasonable convenience, to be exercised within two years of the completion of show career.

5.(Tag 61) RL&L Richta H61 – papers pending ET authorization – DOB 04/27/2020 - Embryo from Cherry Knoll – Sire: Wright SCC Bootlegger – Dam: Richta of Conanga, who is one of the two foundation donor cows for CK. Several maternal sisters and brothers have won divisions at national shows over the past 15 years. This heifer is made as well as one can be made from a side profile; and is simply gorgeous. She is young, and her recip mom did not give her the best nutrition. She has been day weaned for a month and has just started to eat. She has excellent hair and a perfect front end. Very calm disposition, and will be easy to finish breaking. Seller retains right to 12 embryos, at Seller’s cost and Buyer’s reasonable convenience, to be exercised within two years of the completion of show career.

6.(Tag 115) RL&L Sandy 115H – AAA 19844991 – DOB 6/19/2020 - She is one of several excellent calves this year out of our herd sire RL&L Chisel E36. You will see his name a lot in this list, and he is not a typical clean up bull. Chisel was second out of 4 in class at the Preview the only time he was shown. We bought him as an embryo on the National Western Denim & Diamonds sale. Sired by Silveiras S-Sis GQ, and out of the TCC Beauty cow (by SAV Bismarck) who was reserve division at three national shows and reserve champion Angus at the Beef Congress for Kade Patton. Chisel really worked on our cows, and especially here, on our powerful older Sandy cow that was reserve division at the state fair for Blake. This June heifer is a tank, deep, and stout, and has the best hair in this year’s crop. She is a simply a freak; and is very calm. Just started in the breaking process, but she barely moved the entire time we clipped her. Seller retains right to 12 embryos, at Seller’s cost and Buyer’s reasonable convenience, to be exercised within two years of the completion of show career.

Bred Heifers:

7. (Tag 20) RL&L Sandy F571 – AAA 19457604 – DOB 1/07/2019 – Sire: PVF Surveillance – Dam: The $15,000 FR Sandy cow by First Class who is owned by Newman and Sparks, and is a full sister to two heifers sold by Dameron for over $75,000 who each won divisions at one or more national shows. This heifer is one of three 2019 born heifer calves we were fortunate enough to get out of embryos we purchased on the Fall Indiana Classic sale. The youngest (and prettiest) one was sold for $5,000 as a show heifer, but her show career was killed by the Covid virus. This one is the biggest butted. She was AI’d to Gateway Follow Me, and exposed thereafter to RL&L End Game 35E (GCC New Game X Style/0523). Vet called her Safe to AI, due March 8, 2021.

8. (Tag 25 calf) RL&L Sandy G573 – AAA 19586349 – DOB 2/21/2019 – Sire: PVF Surveillance – Flush mate to the lot 7 heifer above. Hard to separate these two. The January has more muscle, and the February is bigger boned and deeper. You choose. Bred AI to PVF Blacklist using heifer sexed semen and then pasture exposed to our Junior herd sire RL&L New Money 31G - AAA 19585572. Vet examined safe to AI due February 6, 2021.

9. (Tag 75) RL&L Georgina 75F – AAA 19423346 – DOB 02/18/2019 – Sire PVF Surveillance, Dam is our infamous Georgina donor cow, who was a daughter of SAV 004 Predominant, out of a Saugahatchee X LLA Georgina 419 who was shown and flushed by Fosters. This heifer was her last natural calf, and she died when this calf was barely three weeks old. She spent time at a local dairy being bottle fed, and is simply not what she could have been without that experience. She still looks fine, and the genetics are definitely still there. She was AI’d to Gateway Follow Me, and exposed to RL&L New Money 31G. Vet examined safe to AI due February 22, 2021.

10. (Tag 171 heifer) RL&L Proven Queen 171G – AAA 19844989 – DOB 06/10/2019 – Sire: RL&L Chisel E36. Dam: A PVF Insight daughter out of the legendary PVF SCC Proven Queen 615, and she sells as Lot 18. The dam of this heifer was purchased from Stockdale Angus; and she was second in the tough April class at the Indiana Preview. She has incredible genetics, and a beautiful front end as well. This bred heifer is her first calf, and our oldest Chisel calf as well. This heifer is made as well as one can be made; but in a moderate package. Square and deep, hairy, and calm to boot. She was not sold as a show heifer simply because we barely tried to market our show heifers last year. She will be an excellent cow; and will throw show phenotype no matter what the breed. She was naturally bred to RL&L New Money 31G (a son of GCC New Game out of a Style X Marathon/Wells Beauty that won her May class for Krisha at the 2014 NJAS), and is Vet examined safe due approximately May 7, 2021.

11. (Tag 35 heifer) – RL&L Cheyenne 35F – AAA 19423342 – DOB 11/20/2018 – Sire: PVF Surveillance, Dam: Tag 35 cow that is our best full sister to Morningstar. Really well made but did not get the grow of her powerful dam, or her full sister selling as Lot 4. She was second in a class of 4 (despite being 150 lbs. too light) at the 2019 Indiana Preview. She is examined safe to PVF Blacklist, using heifer sexed semen, due February 5, 2021.

Pairs/3 in 1 (oldest to youngest)

12. (Tag 41) Patton Lady Agnes 429 – AAA 17849605 – DOB 1/13/2014 – Perfectly made daughter of HB Patton Superiority out of the high selling heifer ($9,200) on 2011 Patton Angus sale. Her grandam is Patton Lady Agnes 5001, who won her division at the Atlantic National and was one of Jim’s favorites. This cow has produced over $17,000 worth of heifer calves so far; and has 2 more on this sale. Sells with a heifer calf at side who is registered as RL&L Lady Agnes 41H – DOB 6/02/2020 – AAA 19843011. This calf is more proof that Chisel produces. You will like her, and she has a world of future. She was not day weaned because we planned to sell them as a pair, so her weight is all from the cow. The cow was bred to Morningstar using heifer sexed semen on July 28, 2020 (due date May 8, 2021), and pasture exposed immediately thereafter to RL&L Chisel E36 -AAA18986050. Examined safe but too close to call per the vet.

13. (Tag 182) RL&L Lady Agnes 41F – AAA 19423345 – DOB 04/07/2018 - A Morningstar out of the Tag 41 cow selling as Lot 12. This one will help sell her mother, as you will see what a great job Morningstar did the last time we bred him to Lot 12. She has a gorgeous baby heifer calf at side, who is registered as RL&L Lady Agnes 182H– AAA 19843013 - DOB 09/13/2020. This heifer calf is also by Chisel, and she rocks. Be forewarned. You can likely buy most of the cows, breds and bulls on this sale pretty cheap, but I don’t want to sell this pair very badly. This heifer calf will show. Open.

14. (Tag 172) RL&L Sandy 115E – AAA 19088226 – DOB 05/18/2017 – A Morningstar out of the same Sandy cow who is the dam of the Lot 6 show heifer. Her dam is one of our most powerful cows, and this heifer will look like her when she gets some age on her. She sells with a hairy, beautifully patterned steer calf at side by PVF Surveillance, born 6/25/2020. She is cycling fine, but we decided to hold her open so whoever buys her can breed her for a fall calf. Open.

15. (Tag 186) RL&L Stylish Beauty F311 – AAA 19425039 – DOB 6/07/2018 - ET - Sire: Dameron Second Chance. Dam: The Style/Marathon-Wells Beauty cow that won the May owned class at the NJAS for Krisha. This first calf heifer won her class at the 2019 Preview, and is one of our best made and deepest young cows. She is moderate framed, with incredible hair. She sells with a beautiful heifer calf at side born 9/02/2020 out of RL&L End Game 35E - AAA 19117546 (GCC New Game X full sister of Morningstar). Open.

Bred cows – youngest to oldest

16. (Tag 181) RL&L Georgina 75F –AAA 19423346 - DOB 02/18/2018 – Sire: SMA Watchout 482 (Denver Champ for Cates) out of the Georgina donor cow who is also the dam of Lot 9 above. Nice patterned cow, but is inexplicably tall for her genetics However, her thinness is explainable. She just weaned her first calf, a late March steer by Primo that we sold as a show steer; and she gave her weight to her calf. She was bred naturally to RL&L New Money 31G, vet examined safe due approximately April 24, 2021.

17. (Tag 180) RL&L Nancy’s Beauty F25 – AAA 19321510 – DOB 1/30/2018 - ET – Sire: Silveiras S-Sis GQ – Dam : TCC Beauty Z75 - She was reserve champion angus at the Tippecanoe County Fair, and a class winner at several other Indiana shows. She is moderate framed, super deep and an easy keeper. She weaned her first calf after doing an excellent job. She was AI’d to Morningstar on May 6 (due date February 13, 2021) using heifer sexed semen, and then pasture exposed immediately thereafter to our big bull, RL&L End Game 35E. Vet examined safe, likely to AI date, but too close to call.

18. (Tag 171 cow) SA Proven Queen 1753 - AAA 18881272 – DOB 4/21/2017 – This is the dam of Lot 12 above, and she is a PVF Insight daughter out of PVF SCC Proven Queen 615. Her dam needs no introduction, as she produced multiple champions, including the Proven Queen 419 heifer that won three national shows for Leslie Rogers before turning into a tremendous cow herself, producing several champion heifers, and most recently the 24 Karat bull that is set to rule the show world this winter. This cow has her entire future in front of her, and we hate to even offer her for sale. The buyer will own 100% , but will be embryo partners (50/50) with Stockdale Angus. The cow is bred naturally to RL&L End Game 35E, vet examined safe due approximately March 17, 2021.

19 (Tag 65) RL&L Elsa D90 – AAA 18775397 – DOB 9/13/2016 – Sire: Connealy Final Product, Dam: Elsa of Conanga. She was produced from an embryo we purchased in Denver from Cherry Knoll, and her dam is “the Elsa cow” who produced all the Elsa line of rock stars for Cherry Knoll; including two Denver Champions, and dozens of national division champions over her prolific life. Those daughters are now producing more champions, including the incredible Elsa donor owned by Dameron Angus who is a maternal sister to this Tag 65 cow. This cow was a decent show heifer, but she had a bit too much leg. Thus, we bred her to deeper bodied bulls, and she has produced our top selling bred heifer this Summer, and a perfect fronted, huge quartered steer calf out of WCC Classic. We decided that our Chisel bull would work better on her than any AI bull we had seen, so she is vet examined safe to him based on an observed breeding, due February 23, 2021.

20. (Tag 60) RL&L Cheyenne 35D – AAA 18543878 – DOB 1/14/2016 – Sire: HB Patton Superiority. Dam is our best full sister to Morningstar. This cow was our most powerful, longest and deepest heifer calf in 2016; and she is a beast of a young cow. She is the dam of Lot 1, and is vet examined safe to WCC Classic due December 28, 2020.

21. (Tag 35) RL&L Cheyenne A10 – AAA 17789042 – DOB 10/08/2013 – Sire: Silveiras Style – Dam: Covells Cheyenne 0523. Our best cow, period. Her 2020 heifer calf sells as Lot 4. This cow works no matter what we breed or flush her to. She is a flush sister to Morningstar, and also to the heifer sold by Damerons for a $130,000 valuation to Katie Rumboldt who was a terror in the Illinois shows in 2017. This cow is really a unique opportunity, and again we are struggling to offer her for sale. She is examined safe to Gateway Follow Me, using heifer sexed semen, due January 15, 2021.

22. (Tag 24) RL&L Cheyenne Z10 – AAA 17522871 – DOB 09/24/2012 – Sire: Style, Dam: Covells Cheyenne 0523. Another flush sister to Morningstar. We flushed 0523 to Style because she was simply the smoothest walking fat animal we had ever seen. She was ROV Senior Yearling of the Year in 2007, and she and her sisters were all awesome show heifers for Kade Patton. Dameron is still making big money with calves out of 0523. This Tag 24 cow has produced several excellent ones for us as well. Her 2019 heifer was our second high selling bred this summer, and her 2020 calf is the only one we have sold ahead of this sale, for $4,000. Examined safe to PVF Blacklist using heifer sexed semen, due January 1, 2021.


23. (Tag 86 calf) RL&L Smoke Signal 86H – AAA 19843774 – DOB 04/06/2020 – Sire: Watchout (Cates’ Denver Champion) – Dam: RL&L Erica Sparkle. We refer to Erica Sparkle as the Hot Rod cow, out of the HARB Francis Erica cow that we bought as a bred heifer on the NILE female sale in Billings as our first donor cow after we returned to the business in 2006. The “Hot Rod cow” has been the most consistent producer on the farm for over a decade; both in terms of the highest adjusted weaning weights, outstanding phenotype and hair. She won her division at all the Indiana shows in 2009; and was 1st in class at the NJAS for Blake. She has produced five division champions at Indiana State shows, and multiple other class winners. Just weaned, this bull calf is really too young to sell; but he will be an excellent herd sire if you grow him out right. He is incredibly tame as well.

24. (Tag 35 bull) RL&L End Game 35E – AAA 19117546 – DOB 9/25/2017 – Sire: GCC New Game (First Class out of Dixie Erica cow) Dam: Lot 21 above – our best full sister to Morningstar. This bull won his division at the State show as a calf. He was to be shown as a yearling before he got foot rot over the muddy winter and fell behind weight wise. He has grown into a “man“ of a bull, is super long, and will sire calves with power, style and muscle. A proven breeder, with his first calf in this sale, and several cows selling carry his service. He needs a good home, someone who wants to raise calves as good as they would get from most AI bulls, and we are not greedy on the price.

25. (No tag) RL&L Morningstar 86C – AAA 18453261 – DOB 05/22/2015 – Sire: Morningstar (Style X Covells Cheyenne 0523) Dam: RL&L Erica Sparkle (the Hot Rod cow). Long, perfect fronted, and more muscle than a typical 6 to 7 frame bull would carry. This bull has been well cared for, is a proven breeder, is in optimal breeding condition, tame, and available cheap for those looking for a deal on an excellent proven bull.

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