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Northwest Indiana Angus Association (NWIAA)

President: Chad Haag
Vice President: Carla Dawson
Secretary: Peggy Haag
Treasurer: Bob Dragani

State Directors:
Hunter Carrico

Jim Lindley

Randy Bush

Northeast Indiana Angus Association (NEIAA)

President: Jim Amsden
Vice President: RD Schrader
Secretary/Treasurer: Sharon Sommers

State Directors: 
Dr. Bruce Lamb
Jerry Ott
Robert Knott 

Logo- Northeastern Indiana Angus Associa
Indiana Angus Association Regional Map
West Central Indiana Angus Association (WCIAA)

President: Steve Shoup
First Vice President: Kade Patton
Second Vice President: Dr. Jay Davis

Secretary: Amy Liebrandt

Treasurer: Liz Jensen

Newsletter Co-Editors: Katie Pennington & Gracie Foxworthy

Membership Chairperson: Ken Torr

State Director: 

Scott Ashwill (2024)

Kevin Newman (2025)

Kevin Swaim (2026)

West Central Indiana Angus Association logo

District Directors:

2022-2024  Jay Davis

2022-2024  Kevin Newman

2023-2025  Richard Brooks

2023-2025  Mike Conner

2024-2026  Katie Pennington

2024-2026  Rhonda Ginder

Southeastern Indiana Angus Association (SEIAA)

President: Marlene Dukehart
Vice President: Jeff Innis
Secretary/Treasurer: Jamie Lowes

State Directors:
Dr. Phil Howell 
Cortney Cates

Jeff Innis

SEIAA Logo Options (2).png
Southwest Indiana Angus Association (SWIAA)

President: Paul Hart II
Vice-President: Susan Street
Secretary/Treasurer: Sandy Carmichael

State Directors:
Paul Hart II
Sandy Carmichael
Les Carmichael

Southern Indiana Angus Association (SIAA)

President: Jerritt Ross
Vice-President: Matt Robertson
Secretary: Kathy Wilson
Treasurer: Melanie Ritz

State Directors:
Loran Wilson

Rex Kovert

Jerritt Ross

Southern Indiana Angus Association logo
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