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2021 Indiana Angus Annual Banquet: Recap & Auction Results

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Indiana Angus Association

Awards & Recognition Program

March 6, 2021

Stookey’s Restrurant

Thorntown, IN

Steve Shoup started the night out with welcoming all those in attendance. We had approximately 100 in attendance for this year’s annual dinner and awards program.

Show Heifer of the Year- Kallie Knott was awarded Show Heifer of the year with KAK Eventress 194

Past President’s Award went to Steve Shoup. This was awarded to Steve by Kevin Newman.

President’s Award- Steve Shoup awarded Kenny Torr and Shelly Shoup with President’s Awards

Glue Award- Steve Shoup awarded Julie Innis with this award.

Year’s of Service- Les and Sandy Carmichael were awarded for their years of service. Les has served as Treasurer for several years and both he and Sandy have served as Directors for several years.

Indiana Angus Family of the Year- Pilgrim Angus- Peggy, Chad and Ericka Haag were presented this award along. Bloom Angus Farms – Donald and Carol Bloom were also presented this award.

Historic Herd Awards were then presented by Kevin Swaim to:

50 & 75 yrs. Hoffman Angus

75 yrs. Jack Kronk

50 yrs.- Lee Miller- Miller Family Angus

50 yrs.-Storms Angus

50 yrs. Zeller Angus

50 yrs +- Ritz Angus Farm

50 yrs. +Mehaffey Land & Cattle

50 yrs + Buck and Jeannette Chastain & Sons

Scholarships were then presented by Kevin Swaim. All scholarships were 1000.00 – Jordyn Wickard, Karson Patton, Burke Tuggle

Becky Knott announced for the Auxiliary, a C.J. Brown print had been donated by the Sherbahn family to the Auxiliary. The Auxilary will be auctioning off this print at our 2021 State Preview Open Show.

Skye Wimmer then gave her Queen’s speech.

This ended our awards program which was followed by an auction for premium spots in the News and Directory as well as a semen auction.



NEWS/Directory/Semen Auction

March 6, 2021

Indiana Angus News Cover/ Full Pg Ad

May 2021Indiana Fall Classic-Kevin Newman 300.00 August 2021 Linz Angus – Glenn Davis 900.00 October 2021 Linz Angus -Glenn Davis 300.00 Jan/Feb 2022 Double R Bar -Bob Dragani 300.00 March 2022Southern IN Assoc 350.00

Indiana Angus News Back ¼ pg

May 2021 Willer Timber Ridge-Ted Willer 250 August 2021 Pilgrim Angus-Peggy Haag 175 October 2021 Pilgrim Angus-Peggy Haag 175 Jan/Feb 2022 Ritz Angus Farm-Melanie Ritz 225

March 2022 Howell Cattle Co.-Dr. Phil Howell 275

Indiana Angus Directory

2 pg center spread Linz Angus-Glenn Davis 900.00 Inside Cover Indiana Fall Classic-Kevin Newman 350.00 Opposite Inside Double R Bar-Bob Dragani 500.00 Outside Back Cover Howell Cattle Co.- Dr. Phil Howell 475.00 Opposite Table of Contents Aylesby Manor-Kenny Torr 275.00 Opposite Special Event Brock Angus-David Brock 400.00 Inside Back Cover American Angus Hall of Fame 600.00 Opposite Index Advertisement Timmons Feed- Richard Brooks 400.00

Opposite Inside Back Pg Pilgrim Angus – Peggy Haag 450.00

Page of choice in directory-290.00 color 230.00 Black and White

Willer Timber Ridge- Ted Willer- 290.00

Miller Family Angus- Jason/Lee Miller – 290.00

Patton Family Cattle Co. Steve Patton- 290.00

Sunrise Sunset- Cortney Cates- 290.00

Haggard Angus- Dean Haggard-290.00

Directory Logos- 100.00 each

Carmichael Angus- Les Carmichael

Innis Farms Angus-Jeff Innis

Willer Timber Ridge -Ted Willer

Wickard Livestock – Chris Wickard

Bloom Angus-Donald Bloom

Coverdale Angus- Ron Coverdale

Ferree & Fitzgerald-Brad Ferree

Hofing Angus Farms-Deanna Hofing

Jerry Ott Angus- Jerry Ott

Shadymere Angus Farm- Kevin Swaim

Schibley Cattle Co - Jeff Schibley

Pilgrim Angus - Peggy Haag

Junior Summer T- Shirts

Left Sleeve- Bar Water Angus- Brandon Waterman-500.00

Right Sleeve- Ferree Fitzgerald- Brad Ferree-700.00

Semen Sales

Linz Exemplify 71124 5 straws Bloom Angus Farm

Linz Exemplify 5 additional straws Bloom Angus Farm

Select Sires PVF Marvel 9185 5 straws Ritz Angus

Stewart Select Niagara Z29 5 straws Howell Cattle Co

SSF On Point Knott’s Landing

Ferris & Newman Conley Express 7211 Brandywine Cattle Co.

Genex Stevenson Turning Point Innis Farms

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