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Indiana Angus Annual Banquet: Auction Results

2024 Directory Cover Logos

Pilgrim Angus

Shadymere Angus

Pipe Creek Angus

Jerry Ott Angus

Dawson Angus

Wickard Livestock

Innis Farms

Ritz Angus

Coverdale Angus

Carmichael Angus

CarDon/Bloom Family Angus

Thompson Family Angus

Sankey Angus

Junior T-Shirts Right Sleeve: Angus Live

Left Sleeve: Joe Horstman

Junior Semen: OHL Revelation 0187B

Brandon Waterman

Indiana Angus News: Cover & Full Page Ad

May 2024: Brandywine Cattle and Deer

August 2024: Dawson Angus

October 2024: Fescue Farms

Jan/Feb. 2025: Mehaffey Angus

Mar/Apr 2025: Southern Indiana Angus Association

Indiana Angus News: Back Quarter Page

May 2024 Factory Direct Sale

August 2024: Crossroad Connections Sale

October 2024: Ritz Angus

Jan./Feb. 2025: Dawson Angus

Mar./Apr. 2025: Howell Family Cattle Co.

Indiana Angus Directory: Preferred Advertisements Center 2 Page Spread: Pipe Creek Angus

Inside Front Cover: Dawson Angus

Back Cover: Howell Family Cattle Co.

Inside Back Cover: American Angus Hall of Fame

Opposite Inside Front Cover: Fall Classic

Opposite Inside Back Cover: Pilgrim Angus

Opposite Table of Contents: Coverdale Angus

Opposite Special Events: Factory Direct Sale

Opposite Index of Advertisers: Wilson Angus

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