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Indiana Angus Auxiliary Auction & Awards at the 2022 Preview Show

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

The Indiana Angus Auxiliary planned both awards and a live auction at the 2022 Preview Show. The photos featured below are of their various awards and those that purchased the auction items. All proceeds go to support Auxiliary activities and Junior Scholarships through the Auxiliary program.

These juniors have had the opportunity to experience many shows during their careers. As they now "graduate" out, the Auxiliary was proud to provide them with a check for use during their final year of showing. From the left, Skye Wimmer, Claire Brown, and Auxiliary President Becky Knott.

These juniors experienced their "rookie" opportunity to show at the Indiana Angus Preview Show. Each individual was presented with an Angus figurine as a symbol of their experience.

The Howell family were the proud purchasers of the Ken Torr table, benefiting Junior Scholarships. This purchase, along with the charcuterie boards, brought in $2600 for use in supporting our juniors.

The Haag Family (Pilgrim Angus) were immensely proud to purchase two of the four charcuterie boards auctioned off, supporting the $2600 total proceeds for junior scholarships at this year's Preview Show.

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