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Indiana Angus Annual Banquet: Awards & Auction Results

2022 Indiana Angus Association Annual Banquet

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Hawk’s Tail Golf Course, Greenfield, Indiana


Welcome President Jeff Sherfield

Guest Speaker Casey Jentz

Regional Mgr, American Angus Association

Awards & Recognition

Past President’s Award- Presented by Jeff Sherfield -awarded to Kevin Newman

President’s Award-Presented by Kevin Newman awarded to Krista Stillwell

Show Heifer of the Year-Presented by Rob Knott -awarded to Ethan Miller

AA Auxiliary Achievement Awards- Presented by Rebecca Knott-awarded to Delaney Waterman, Lilah & Raleigh Doerstler, Bryce & Zayda Hofing, Rosalind Kidwell, Burke Tuggle, Hunter & Sophia Royer

Indiana Angus Family of the Year-Presented by Kevin Newman- awarded to Dr. Phil & Judy Howell, Howell Cattle Company

Historic Herd Awards (50, 75 + years)- Presented by Kevin Swaim- awarded to Dr. Om & Rita Sharma-Mehaffey Land & Cattle, Frank Storms- Storms Angus, George and Jenny Zeller, Zellar Angus

Indiana Angus Scholarships- Kevin Swaim- awarded to Burke Tuggle & Hunter Royer

Rob Knott announced voting ballots for judges at this coming Preview Show would be passed out for members to vote.

Indiana Angus Queen Speech Hunter Royer -unable to attend

Live Auction

Angus books donated by Casey Jentz-Richard Brooks 110.00

Indiana Angus Junior Summer T-Shirts

Right Sleeve-Angus Live 400.00

Left Sleeve-Bar Water Angus 350.00

Indiana Angus News Covers

May 2022-Maxwell Meats-1000.00

August 2022-Jon Smith/Kyle Conley-950.00

October 2022-Brandywine Cattle Company-900.00

Jan/Feb 2023-Brandywine Cattle Company-500.00

March 2023- Mahaffey Land and Cattle-500.00

Indiana Angus News Back ¼ Page

May 2022-Brandywine Cattle Company-175.00

August 2022-Stewart & Sankey-Crossroads Angus Sale-250.00

October 2022-Andy Howell- 100.00

Jan/Feb 2023-Andy Howell-100.00

March 2023 Howell Cattle Company-175.00

Indiana Angus Directory

2 Page Center Spread-Miller Family Angus-700.00

Inside Cover-Mahaffey Land and Cattle-700.00

Opposite Inside Cover- Brandywine Cattle Company-700.00

Outside Back Cover- Howell Cattle Companny-600.00

Inside Back Cover-Sunrise Sunset Farm-650.00

Opposite Inside Back Cover- Angus Hall of Fame-500.00

Opposite Table of Contents-Conley Cattle Company-300.00

Opposite Special Events-Pilgrim Angus-300.00

Opposite Index-Indiana Fall Classic-300.00

Page of Choice in the Directory

Please reference a page number and right or left hand facing.

Zeller Angus- full color-300.00

Directory Cover Logos (15 allowed total) - $100

Already Reserved: Brock Angus Farms- Pilgrim Angus-Innis Farms, Wickard Livestock, Kevin Swaim, Les & Sandy Carmichael, Rosalind Kidwell, Steve Patton & Family

Semen Auction

Choice of 5 Straws DB Iconic G95 or E&B Wildcat 9402-Double R Bar- 35.00 each = 175.00

Donated by Genex

3 Straws of MC SSF Night Sky 9088-Jud Kidwell-50.00 each = 150.00

Donated by Sunrise Sunset Farms

5 Straws of Conley Passport 0440-Howell Cattle Company 40.00 each = 200.00

Donated by Brandywine Cattle & Deer

5 Straws of Sexed Heifer GAF Mr. Angus-Paul Hart 40.00 each = 200.00

Donated by Graber Angus Farms

5 Straws of GAF Play Ball-Paul Hart 40.00 each = 200.00

Donated by Graber Angus Farms

5 Straws of Linz Exemplify 71124-Carter Ward Brothers-30.00 each = 150.00

5 Straws of Linz Exemplify 71124- Howell Cattle Company 30.00 each = 150.00

Donated by Linz Heritage Angus

5 Straws SS Rocket C142-Howell Cattle Company 10.00 each = 50.00

Donated by Stewart Select Angus

Choice of 5 Straws of Patriarch or True North -Jeff Sherfield 20.00 each = 100.00

Donated by ABS

5 Straws PVF Marvel-Sun Rise Sunset 45.00 each = 225.00

Donated by Select Sires

5 Straws of Forbes Silveiras

Donated by Sankey Angus-Miller Family Angus 50.00 each = 250.00

Semen Auction Results=1850.00

Director Logo=800.00

Directory Pages=4750.00


Tee Shirt Sleeves=750.00- to Juniors

Total Revenue from Auction minus Tee Shirt Sleeves=12050.00

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