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Congratulations to Sam Carter: the 2020 Vera Sherbahn Award Winner

This was from the first production sale dad ever held at our farm in upland. It’s one of his happiest days ever. And he’s with his mom, Sarah Carter, we lost her 12/28/19. She was behind dad every step of his life. Photo provided by Ashley Carter

Sam Carter is this year’s recipient of the Vera Sherbahn Award from the Indiana Angus Auxiliary. Sam’s dedication to the Angus breed, to the Indiana Angus Association and especially to Indiana Angus Juniors make him an easy choice for this coveted award.

Sam started his Angus herd in Indiana in the late 90’s and it didn’t take him long to become totally immersed in Indiana Angus and make many friends with fellow Angus breeders. When the Indiana Angus News was faltering, Sam was an instrumental member of the committee that took measures to ensure the future of this valuable asset. Sam was always willing and able to help with the Association’s many events.

Sam served as an advisor for the Indiana Junior Angus Association. He made sure that all juniors received guidance and support, from the first-year, inexperienced member to the most accomplished member who successfully competed at the national level. One special memory – the National Junior Angus Show in Iowa. It was late afternoon on a blistering hot and humid Iowa day. Juniors (and parents) were hot, sweaty, tired and less than enthusiastic. One junior dumped a bucket of water on another junior and soon a water fight ignited. Instead of shutting it down, Sam encouraged it by spraying his fellow advisor! A good time was had by all and this cooled everyone off, lifted everyone’s spirits and developed a camaraderie within the group.

Sam’s current health problems don’t allow him to actively participate in his passion for Angus cattle, but he is surrounded by memories of those days via numerous pictures of Angus cattle and his Angus friends. We hope that when Sam’s family, daughters Ashlyn and Lindsey and sister Marsha, tell him about this award, that it warms his heart and brightens his day.

By Cathy Watkins

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