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2023 SIAA Sale Report

2023 Southern Indiana Angus Association Sale Report

April 1st , 2023, Little York, IN

Sale Manager: Gold Buckle Cattle Services

Auctioneer: Duane Stephens

6 Bulls $21,200.00 18 Prod Cows $63,100.00

ave $3,533.33 ave $3,505.56

13 Open Heifers $48,200.00 Semen Tank $675.00

ave $3,707.69

12 Bred Heifer $58,400.00

ave $4,866.67

49 Total Lots $191,575.00

ave $3,909.69

Top Bull: Lot 7, $4,400 BRAA Southern Charm I56 sired by BUBS Southern Charm AA31. Cons by Blue

River Acres Angus, Shelbyville, IN. Sold to Wayne Temple, Pekin, IN.

Top Open Heifer: Lot 11 $8,750 FCF R&K Proven Queen 1422 sired by Collison Alpha 028. Cons by R&K

Angus, Buffalo, KY. Sold to Danny Jacobs, Brazoria, TX.

Top Bred Heifer: Lot 26 $25,000 Colburn Saras Dream 1073 sired by Dameron First Class. Cons by

Voyager Angus, Buffalo, KY. Sold to Circle M Farms, Rockwall, TX and Red River Farms, Grand Saline, TX.

Top Production Cow: Lot 40 & 40A LINZ Lady Blaster 411-8258 sired by Bruns Blaster, with a bull calf at

side sired by Crawford Guarantee 9137. Cons by Howell Cattle Co., Marengo, IN. Sold to Mike Haffner, Ridgeville, IN.

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