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Indiana Angus Auxiliary Spring Luncheon

The Indiana Angus Auxiliary met Saturday, April 27, 2019 for the Annual Meeting/Spring Luncheon at Carnegie’s Restaurant in Greenfield with ladies from the Southeast Indiana Angus Association serving as hostesses and 29 in attendance. Arrival, networking, Chinese Auction and snacks began at 9:00 am and at 10:00 Julia Wickard gave the welcome. She thanked Judy Brown, Jamie, Kaitlyn and Karly Lowes and Jordyn Wickard for helping her with the preparations for this event. She also thanked Cortney Cates and Marlene Dukehart for the table favors of various jams from Fountain Acres. She gave a brief background of the restaurant as being an original Carnegie library. Julia asked everyone to introduce themselves and tell their favorite thing about spring.

Following announcements by Julia about the agenda for the day, at 10:12 am Vice President Marlene Dukehart called the business meeting to order. She began by reading a message from President Cassie Royer who was unable to attend, and then she thanked Julia, Judy, Jamie and their girls for all the work they had done to organize the day. Secretary Kathy Wilson read the minutes of the previous meeting. Julie Innis moved to accept the minutes as read, Mary Watkins seconded and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer Cortney Cates presented the treasurer’s report with a beginning balance on 5-1-18 of $5,897.23 and an ending balance on 3-21-19 of $14,798.49. She explained that there are now two signatures on everything, hers and Sharon Sommers. She said one of the CDs was closed and the proceeds are currently in the checking account, thus the major difference between the beginning and ending balances, and she discussed the difficulties they have had getting a new CD because of a discrepancy in names on our account and the original charter with the Indiana Angus Assoc. There was much discussion about various options to rectify the situation, and Cortney will research and follow-up using the ideas presented. The treasurer’s report was approved and is attached and made a part of these minutes. Next Cortney presented the proposed budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. There was no discussion. Julie Innis made the motion to accept the budget as presented, Judy Brown seconded and the budget was approved.

Cortney introduced the Indiana Angus Royalty, who were all present. She introduced Queen, Katie Brock; Princess, Skylar Bennett; and Junior Princess, Raleigh Doerstler. She also introduced new member Becca Bennett.

Indiana Junior Angus officers, 1st Vice President, Jordyn Wickard, and Secretary/Treasurer, Skylar Bennett, presented the juniors’ fundraising project for a new pipe and drape system for decorating stalls at Junior Nationals. Kris Brock added that the curtain system would also be available to the adult association and the auxiliary if they had a need to use it. Cortney said there had been no applications for the scholarships, so $500 could be given to the juniors without hurting the budget. Becky Knott made the motion to donate $500 of the unused scholarship money to the junior association for their pipe and drape system, Sharon Sommers seconded and the motion passed. Jordyn and Skylar thanked the auxiliary for their continued support of the juniors.

In committee reports, Becky Knott reported for the Fundraising committee. She explained that five cow flower planters have been made and one would be auctioned just prior to lunch. The other four will be used to decorate the ring at the State Preview show, and they will be auctioned prior to the selection of the champion heifer. There will be an online auction for a 3-pc Vera Bradley package valued at over $400 on April 29 and 30. Later in June a pair of boots will be auctioned using the same format. They are still seeking a donor for about $200 for the cost of the boots. Currently the plan is to invoice the highest bidder and ship the items, at the buyer’s expense, after receipt of payment. Other payment options were discussed and will be explored. Cowpokes has expressed interest in providing an item sometime in the future.

Kim Tuggle reported for the Scholarship committee. She said the scholarships and awards and the application deadlines are posted on the website. There needs to be a concerted effort made to encourage juniors to apply for these; there were no scholarship applications submitted this year for the national scholarship contest. Becky stated that all the varying deadline dates tend to be confusing and asked if a simpler and less confusing format might be used. The committee will take that under consideration. Cortney mentioned that juniors need to be working on their Bronze and Silver awards in order to even be eligible for most scholarships. Carol Bloom said juniors also need to be sure and apply for the Certificate of Achievement each year from the American Angus Auxiliary. This will simplify completing the other applications later.

Sandy Carmichael reported for the Jewelry Fundraising committee that she has sold $35 worth of jewelry since the last report and she had it available today.

Julia reported for the Website and Directory committee. Judy Brown had written the following proposal for the mission statement to go on the auxiliary webpage: The Indiana Angus Auxiliary is a nonprofit organization that encourages women who are interested in the welfare of the Angus breed to meet together for educational, promotional, social and other functions appropriate to the organization. We offer several scholarships and awards to junior Angus members as well as awards to outstanding Angus families. Our annual meeting is held at the Spring Luncheon in April. We are always looking for ladies to come and enjoy the Hoosier hospitality of the Angus breed. Kris Brock made the motion to accept the proposal as written, Sandy Carmichael seconded and the motion passed. For the directory, Julia said the Auxiliary had 12 pages scattered throughout the directory, and she was working with Molly Judd to make sure everything was updated, consolidated and cohesive. There was discussion about how to manage and update the Lifetime Membership page and the suggestions will be considered for next year’s directory but it is too late for this year. It was clarified that the membership form should no longer offer a lifetime membership but only a $20 annual membership. Previous lifetime members are grandfathered and are not required to pay an annual membership, but their donations would be appreciated.

Sandy gave the report for the Nominating committee proposing the following slate of officers: President, Cassie Royer; Vice President, Marlene Dukehart; Treasurer, Cortney Cates; Secretary, Kathy Wilson. Julia Wickard made the motion to accept the proposed slate, Carol Bloom seconded and the motion passed. Then Sandy said they had no proposals for the two Director positions to the Indiana Angus Association Board, and after some discussion, Kallie Knott volunteered to take the 1-yr term and Becky Knott agreed to the 2-yr term. Julia moved to accept the volunteers, Carol seconded and the motion passed.

Judy Brown reported for the Audit committee that she and Julia had been through the books and found them complete and accurate despite the problems the treasurer had encountered with the CD.

Under Old Business, the question had arisen during the previous meeting that there may be some fundraising conflict with the juniors at the Preview show. Kris said the juniors were going to do their usual silent auction, perhaps using baskets from the different regional associations, so there would be no auction conflicts. The juniors will also bring donations for the auxiliary’s wagon of fun to be auctioned again this year. The planters will also be auctioned.

The following By-Law amendment was proposed at the previous meeting and was published on Facebook: There will not be a limit on the number of terms a treasurer can serve as long as the nominating committee invites the current treasurer to continue in office. The rationale is that when the treasurer changes, the bank may not be convenient to the new treasurer or there are complications in changing everything to a new bank, as has been experienced this last year. This amendment is patterned after the procedure used by the American Angus Auxiliary and provides for continuity. Julie Innis moved to adopt the By-Law amendment, Jamie Lowes seconded, motion passed.

Mary Watkins reported on the upcoming Indiana Angus Library. Jack Sweeney’s collection of Indiana Angus records has a home at the Putnam Co. Historical Museum, and after they complete their current renovation, Indiana Angus will have a room there. Mary will be building the collection and is looking for donations, but most importantly, she is looking for the dates and stories that go with both new and previous donations.

Kathy Wilson presented the Vera Sherbahn award to Craig Langley. Since neither Craig nor his family could be present to accept the award, his daughter, Jenna Blue, sent a response, which Kathy also read.

Julie Innis reminded everyone that the deadline for membership for the Indiana Angus Assoc. is May 1 and they would love to have the support from Auxiliary members.

Jamie Lowes and Jordyn Wickard reported on the newly established Indiana Jr Livestock Assoc. and some of its upcoming activities. They asked for help in spreading the word about this new organization.

Julia gave information about the coupons at each place setting for those who wish to spend the afternoon shopping in Greenfield. Sandy moved to adjourn, Cortney seconded, and the meeting was adjourned at 11:50 am.

At noon a local auctioneer came to auction the beautiful Cow Planter, which sold for $525 to Doug, Drew and Jeff Miller of Logansport. Lunch, consisting of tossed salad, beef with pasta and cream sauce, fresh bread, red velvet cupcakes and coffee, tea and soft drinks, was served following the auction.

At 1:00, local historian Brigette Cook Jones came in the character of Elizabeth Riley, mother of James Whitcomb Riley, who was born in Greenfield. She entertained with stories of James and read some of his poetry. Following her presentation, tickets were drawn for the Chinese Auction items, and then door prizes were distributed by randomly generated numbers.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Wilson

Secretary IAAux

Treasurer's Report (detail)

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