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2019 IAA Awards

Congratulations to our 2018 - 2019 Award winners!

Show Heifer of the Year – CA Country Forever Lady- The Coverdale Family

Past President’s Award - Cody Sankey

President’s Award - Julie Innis

President’s Award - Rob Knott

Indiana Angus Family of the year 2018- Dr. Bruce and Beth Lamb

Historic Farm Award - 75 years, Paul & Gina Hart

2019 Royalty - Queen Katie Brock, Princess Skyler Bennett, Jr. Princess Raleigh Doerstler

Raising the Bar Scholarship Recipient - Brooke Davis

IN Angus Heifer - Aiden Keller

The juniors then presented the Brock family with a framed picture thanking them for their dedication as Junior Advisors.

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