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2019 IAA Annual Banquet Board Meeting Minutes

Indiana Angus Association

Director’s Meeting

OutPost, Lafayette, IN 10:00 am

February 9, 2019

Welcome: The meeting was called to order by Rob Knott at 10:15 am

Those in attendance: President Rob Knott, 2nd Vice President Kevin Newman, Secretary Julie Innis, Treasurer Les Carmichael, Directors- Scott Ashwill, Steve Patton, Paul Hart, Dr. Bruce Lamb, Dr. Phil Howell, Sandy Carmichael, Cortney Hill-Dukehart Cates, Ralph Meyer & Bob Dragani. Guests- Mary Ann Waterman, Delaney Waterman, Gena Hart, Molly Judd & Krista Stillwell

Secretary’s Report: Julie Innis passed out the report. Members read. Dr. Lamb made a motion to accept the report. Dr. Howell 2nd the motion. The motion was voted on and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report- Les Carmichael handed out the report. see handout. He announced an audit is being done by H & R Block and will be finished soon. Kevin Newman moved we accept the report as presented. Dr. Howell 2nd the motion. The motion was voted on and passed unanimously.

Budget & Finance Report- Kevin Swaim passed out a proposed budget for 2019.-see handout- He reviewed and explained line items in the projected budget. Dr. Howell moved we accept the proposed budget. Ralph Meyer 2nd the motion. The motion was voted on and passed unanimously.

Activities/Show Report- Rob Knott reported information on the 2019 Preview Show. It will be Father’s Day weekend. He told us the juniors will have a meeting today to discuss the proposed or possible flip flop of open show day vs. junior show day. He had reported this possible change at our previous meeting. We need to fit some more activities into Sat. Rob announced Cody Sankey is chairman of the Preview Show Committee this year. He also announced we will share cost of mulch with Hereford assoc. thus our bill will be less. Grounds are procured and verified. We are on year 3 of 5 for this contract with the Boone Co. Fairgrounds.

Membership Report- Julie Innis announced she would be collecting dues today. The plan is to mail out membership forms and letters sometime after our meeting. She also expressed a concern that past year’s Secretary’s notes missing. She was not able to go back into previous notes to see if there had been a vote allowing those who pay dues after a certain time in the fall to be included in the next year’s directory. She questioned those present if they remembered the determination. Dr. Howell moved that if a member pays after Sept 1st they be included in next year’s directory and moneys go on the books for next year. We will research a past vote regarding this process. There were some in attendance who have copies of several years of reports. The motion was 2nd by Kevin Swaim. The motion was voted on and passed unanimously.

Auxiliary Report- Sandy Carmichael announced the auxiliary has given out several scholarships. They were meeting at 1:30pm today to conduct business. Sandy asked about having an auxiliary auction at the fellowship dinner this year. The auxiliary has had auction at the fellowship dinner in the past years. They do not want to conflict with the juniors. She has heard the juniors have been discussing having a live auction to replace the silent auction possibly at the fellowship dinner. They will know more after the junior’s meeting today.

IJAA Report – Brandon Waterman announced the juniors would be meeting today at 2:00 pm.

History Report-Kevin Swaim reminded us all historical information is being stored in the Putnam Co. museum. They are waiting on us to go through and organize it so it would be ready to exhibit. Mary Watkins has volunteered her time if we pay mileage. The plan is to do this in April of this year. Historical herd awards will be given out this evening, next year there may be many more, possibly 15-20. Those receiving award are supposed to submit a biography on their herd. He is trying to put together a list of Indiana Angus family of the year awards. He has a partial list and wants us to double check this. Les Carmichael suggested we list winners in the directory to help us keep track.

Long Range Planning Report- Ralph Meyer reported a positive response on the upcoming bull sale. His committed is looking at 2nd Tues. in May at Little York, IN. They will use Producers Yellow Tag program but in the future will look at the Angus Source Program. He needs support and help. We will charge 30.00 for each consignors. He asked if we could take an ad out in publications to help with advertising for the consigners. Krista Stillwell explained we could also do digital advertisements. She explained we could be letting them know in multiple ways not just digital. The 30.00 collected from us will go for dues since they have to be members in order to consign for the sale. Dr. Howell moved we use 500.00 for digital and/ or print for advertising for this particular sale. The motion was 2nd by Dr. Lamb. Dr. Lamb suggested sending direct information to Little York’s buyer information list. Krista suggested a post card mailing. The motion was voted on and passed unanimously. Ralph asked we advertise at our district meetings as well

Communications Report – Krista Stillwell did not have much to report. Sandy Carmichael brought up some edits needed for auxiliary pg. Krista indicated just to let her know and she would get those changes made. Molly Judd reported our printer for the News and Directory has closed their business. She just found out on Tues. We have to make decisions on where to go. Our previous company has recommended a printer to replace them. She has checked with the suggested printer and it appears their prices are similar costs but maybe a little higher. She is reaching out to other printers to find additional quotes. Rob Knott asked what the general opinion was on print vs. digital. Was this a time we should discuss going totally digital? Dr. Lamb expressed he personally prefers print. Kevin Swaim stated he thinks transitions should be gradual. Molly stated we could ask members if they wished to have a hard copy or digital. Dr. Lamb made motion to allow communications committee along with Molly and Krista to use their best judgement of what printer to use possibly using L & D Print Masters in Albany IN . Ralph Meyer 2nd the motion. The motion was voted on and motion passed unanimously. Discussion took place on a possible increase of costs to pages in the news and directory due to the change of printers. Dr. Howell made motion we may advertise to potential buyers a possible 10 % increase- A Buyers premium- not on premium pages, just on the base rate pages. Kevin Newman 2nd the motion. Les Carmichael amended motion to say directory pg. is $230.00 black and white and $290.00 color. Brandon Waterman 2nd the amendment. There was a vote on the amendment. The amendment passed unanimously. Then there was a vote on the original motion. The motion passed unanimously. Molly read email from Andrew Stewart asking if he does his normal contract pg. can he do a second page spread for $150.00. This would be a larger discount than the normal contract. Discussion took place to stick with our advertised prices and to not change pricing since there is a discounted price for second page already. Molly also shared problems with people complaining about their services on advertising. She shared some have complained they are not getting enough for their advertising. She suggested we have some package that lists or spells out what a person gets for advertising. There have also been questions or complaints when members are asked to renew their membership since some are not understanding what we get for their membership or advertising in news.

Annual Meeting Report- Rob Knott announced our speaker would begin at 3:00pm.Social hour 5:00pm. Dinner 6:00pm awards at 7:00pm followed by the auction.

Old Business- none

New Business- Rob Knott said he had a form going around with committee assignments. To his knowledge the Show Committee is the only one that has changed with Cody Sankey now the show committee chairman. Rob suggested a addition of a benevolence committee to help recognize families who have lost loved ones. Dr. Lamb reminded of a past policy- if a paid member passes away, we donate $50.00 to American Angus Assoc. Les Carmichael stated we have not done this for a long time and it probably needs reviewed.

Preview Show Fellowship meal discussion was brought up by Kevin Newman. He asked we clarify how costs for the meal be covered. Rob stated he wants the preview show committee to pay the people who cook the meal and if organizations or districts wish to donate they can donate, they may donate to the meal fund help offset costs. Sandy asked who was on preview committee-Rob told her- Cody Sankey chairman, Rob Knott- not sure who else.

Announcements- Next meeting will be May 5th 2:00pm at IBCA Head quarters office. Steve Patton will bring chips and salsa for Cinco de Mayo

Dr. Lamb motioned to adjourn. The motion was 2nd by Ralph Meyer. Motion was voted on and passed. Time 11:58 am

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