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2018 Annual Banquet : Full Recap

The 2018 Indiana Angus Association Annual Banquet took place on Saturday, February 11 in Lafayette, Indiana.

The evening kicked off with recognition of 2017 Annual Awards. Congratulations to the following recipients:

Historic Herds 75 Years

Innis Farms- Jeff & Julie Innis and Family

K & D Farms-Dale & Kaye Schultz

Show Heifer of the Year Award / Jim Singleton Award

WCC Mignonne C114- Devan Brown


Sarah Innis

President’s Award

Molly Judd and Krista Stillwell

Farm Family of the Year

David, Kris, Andy & Katie Brock

Past President Award

Kevin Swaim

Katie Brock represented the Junior Association asking for families and farms to purchase a spot on the back of Tee Shirts for the Indiana Exhibitors to wear at the upcoming NJAA show in Madison Wisconsin. 25.00 will help sponsor the tee shirts. Sleeves will be auctioned off.

Andy Howell conducted auction for the sleeves for Jr. Shirts, the directory and News.

Sleeves on Tee shirt Each sleeve was auctioned off for 600.00 both purchased by Linz Angus

Directory Auction

  1. Inside Cover Front- 500.00 Howell Cattle Co. Dr. Phil Howell

  2. Opposite Inside - 550.00 Double R Bar- Bob Dragani

  3. Outside Back Cover - 800. Linz Angus- Glen Davis

  4. Opposite Table of Contents - 400.00 Mehaffey Land & Cattle- Dr. Om & Rita Sharma

  5. Opposite Special Event - 475.00 Sunrise Sunset Farm - Tyler & Cortney Cates

  6. Inside back cover 650.00 Hall of Fame

  7. Opposite Index Advertisement - 500.00 Carmichael Angus Farms- Les & Sandy Carmichael

  8. Opposite Inside Back pg. 450.00 Stewart Select- Andrew Stewart

Cody Sankey then introduced Cortney Hill Dukekart Cates representing the Ladies Auxililary. Cortney introduced our Junior Princesses, Princess and Queen. Serena Clock our 2018 Queen came forward and presented her speech promoting Angus cattle.

Cassie Royer, President of the Auxiliary, announced the Vera Sherbaun Award to Carol Bloom who was unable to attend our annual dinner so the award will be presented to her at the annual auxiliary meeting in April of this year.

The auction continued with auctioning off pages of choice in the Directory.

400 per page

Mehaffey Land & Cattle- Dr. Om & Rita Sharma

Brock Family Farms - David & Kris Brock


Logos were sold for 100.00 to the following:

Steve Patton Double R Bar- Bob Dragani

Royer Show Cattle Wickard Stock Farm- Chris & Julia

Pilgrim Angus -Haag Family Kevin Swaim- Shadymere

Locust Hill- Jay Davis Carmichael- Les & Sandy Carmichael

Innis Farms- Jeff & Julie McClarnon Stock Farm- Judy Brown

Stockdale Farms BarWater Farms- Brandon Waterman

News Covers were Auctioned off

  1. August - 600.00 Linz Angus

  2. October - 350.00 Factory Direct

  3. January - 375.00 Linz Angus

  4. March - 500.00 Southern Assoc

  5. May - 300.00 Stewart Select

Back ¼ pg of News

  1. Aug. 100.00 Carmichael Farms

  2. October. – Open

  3. Jan.- Open

  4. March 100.00 Howell Cattle Co.

  5. May 100.00 Brock Family Farm

Semen Auction

SAC Conversation- 5 straws 30.00 x 5 Paul Hart

SMA Watchout 482 3 straws 90.00 x 3 Dr. Phil Howell

PVF Surveillance 5 straws 90.00 x 5 GMC Angus- Vaughn Bracken

WCC Classic- 5 straws 20.00 x 5 Carmichael Farms

PVF Insight- 5 straws 35.00 x 5 Brandon Waterman

Quaker Hill Rampage 5 straws 35.00 x 5 Bob Dragani

SS Niagra 10 straws 30.00 x 10 Linz Angus

KCF Bennett Fortress 5 straws 40.00 x 5 Ralph Meyer

VAR Discovery 5 straws 30.00 x 5 Bob Dragani

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