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Miss American Angus Kicks off 2018 Reign

I, Kallie Knott, am serving as your 2018 Miss American Angus, and I am responsible to absorb all the information I acquire from the Angus breed and the breeders as well as communicating to the community about the livestock industry. I started the year off right by traveling to Denver, Colorado and Fort Worth, Texas. Throughout my travels, I have learned about the breed through the regional managers, Mr. Allen Moczygemba, Mr. Milford Jenkins, National Junior Angus Association Board, and Angus breeders all across the country.

My week in Denver started off with the Bases Loaded Sale with board member, foundation director Corbin Cowles and Mr. Milford Jenkins. After a great turnout at all the sales and being introduced by Mr. Tom Burke at the Trowbridge Family Sale, I met several juniors and breeders as they walked out of the ring with smiling faces in Stadium Arena. Congratulations to all exhibitors, and a special thank you to the queens that assisted me during the shows as well! To end the long week, I enjoyed being at the carload and pen shows watching all the bulls and heifers walk through and analyzing their EPDs to consider for the champion pens and carloads. It was a long week in Denver, but the American Angus Association and the people I met throughout my trip helped me feel welcome in the mountain city.

After flying back from Denver, I headed to a much warmer part of the country, Fort Worth, Texas for the stock show. During the show, I was able to meet and assist the newly crowned Miss Texas Angus as well as walk on the red dirt handing out awards to all the exhibitors. Throughout my trip, I was able to adventure to the stockyards and watch the cattle drive before heading back to the snowy region of Indiana.

These past trips and adventures have allowed me to live in the moment with many breeders and enthusiasts of the livestock industry. I am looking forward to continuing my travels as Miss American Angus representing the voices of the Angus breed.

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