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Indiana Juniors Rise to the Top at NJAS 2017

We are so proud of all of the accomplishments of our juniors at this year's National Junior Angus Show in Des Moines, Iowa.

Below is a full breakdown of our Indiana junior placings in the various competitions in which they competed. If you are interested in more results, please visit to see full results from all shows and classes!


Class 5, 3rd Place: Dylan Young, KNC Bright Light 612

Class 9, 4th Place: Karsyn Zenor, GZ Tank 661

Class 11, 3rd Place: Austin Clock, Miller's Game Changer 1416

Owned Cow/Calf Pairs

Class 2, 3rd Place: Karsyn Zenor, Fruhling's Annie

Bred & Owned Bulls

Class 7, 4th Place: Sarah Innis, IF First N Goal

Class 10, 2nd Place: Kade Patton / Karson Patton, SK Patton Tucker 1601

Bred & Owned Heifers

Reserve Late Heifer Calf Champion: Ellie Sennett, BCII Envious Blackbird 6216

Class 2, 6th Place: Blake Retherford, RL&L Forever Lady 23d

Class 3, 1st Place: Ellie Sennett, BCII Envious Blackbird 6216

Class 6, 3rd Place: Bryce Hofing, Car Don Sandy 906

Class 6, 6th Place: Sarah Innis, IF Miss Minerva

Class 10, 7th Place: Devan Brown, CAF Princess 630

Class 13, 2nd Place: Blake Retherford, RL&L Erica Sparkle 86D

Class 14, 7th Place: Gage Zenor, GZ Rosena 661

Class 16, 1st Place: Austin Nowatzke, BNWZ Hazel 6010

Class 16, 8th Place: CAF Mignonne Anne 620

Class 17, 11th Place: Carrie Wiley, CCC Elba LP 0416

Class 20, 2nd Place: Kade Patton / Karson Patton, SKPatton Henderson Proven Queen

Class 21, 8th Place: Adaelyn Berg, AAB Patricia 661

Class 24, 8th Place: Karsyn Zenor, GZ Trendy Lady 602

Class 24, 10th Place: Drew Brown, DDB Universal Girl 6430

Class 26, 6th Place: Bryce Hofing, Car Don Forever Lady 892

Class 30, 5th Place: Blake Retherford, RL&L Forever Lady 23C

Owned Heifers

Reserve Junior Champion, Division 7: Austin Nowatzke, EXAR Princess 6151

Reserve Early Senior Champion: Kallie Knott, SSF Lady Impression O625

Class 4, 2nd Place: Neil Ellmore, BCII Lesley 6216

Class 4, 7th Place: Tyler Linz, Linz Gracie B912-6157

Class 6, 4th Place: Rosalind Kidwell, MJM Erica 136

Class 11, 9th Place: Elizabeth Beer, RL&L Elsa D90

Class 19, 8th Place: Rosalind Kidwell, MJM Erica 126

Class 20, 4th Place: Sophia Royer, Webster FSC Missie 1606

Class 20, 7th Place: Serena Clock, BCII Cami 3916

Class 23, 3rd Place: Kayden Nowatzke, PCC Lucy 292D

Class 23, 7th Place: Seth Ellmore, BCII CF Cami 651

Class 23, 12th Place: Karis Waterman, Bar Water Erica 3416

Class 24, 2nd Place: Bryce Hofing, Seldom Rest Lucy 6055

Class 25, 3rd Place: Karson Patton, Hendersons Patton Queen 6044

Class 26, 5th Place: Drew Brown, BCII Lady 3616

Class 28, 3rd Place: Ellie Sennett, BCII Lady 1216

Class 30, 11th Place: Allie Howell, Pasture View Blackbird 6356

Class 31, 1st Place: Hunter Royer, CK3 EA Believer D604

Class 35, 1st Place: Austin Nowatzke, WA Lucy 641

Class 39, 2nd Place: Kallie Knott, FCF Proven Queen 618

Class 40, 2nd Place: Kayden Nowatzke, Lazy JB Saras Dream 689

Class 40, 3rd Place: Kade Patton, DDA Barbara 1638

Class 41, 3rd Place: Caleb Ellmore, BCII DPL Lady 1016

Class 41, 14th Place: Hannah Rose / Kendall Leonhard, KLL VCC Cher 1601

Class 45, 4th Place: Alexis Wilhoite, BCII Layla 2716

Class 45, 6th Place: Allie Howell, Craft Pride 134-620

Class 49, 1st Place: Austin Nowatzke, EXAR Princess 6151

Class 52, 2nd Place: Devan Brown, WCC Mignonne C114

Class 54, 1st Place: Kallie Knott, SSF Lady Impression O265

Class 58, 8th Place: Brooke Davis, Windy Hill Sara 9415

Class 58, 12th Place: Nicholas Innis, RL&L Travett 21C


Top 15 and 3rd Place Overall: Kade Patton

Judging Contest

Junior A Division

8th Place: Sophia Royer

35th Place: Bryce Hofing

Junior B Division

15th Place: Austin Nowatzke

40th Place: Drew Brown

46th Place: Brooke Davis

95th Place: Hunter Royer

Intermediate Division

16th: Ellie Kidwell

28th: Karson Patton

144th: Caleb Ellmore

163rd: Nicholas Innis

Senior Division

9th: Sarah Innis

Certified Angus Beef Cookoff

2nd Place, Other Beef: Alli Howell and Rosalind Kidwell

All-Star Bacon-Wrapped BBQ CAB Franks

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