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2017 Hoosier Heritage Program: Indiana State Fair

The Hoosier Heritage Program began at last year's Indiana State Fair to provide Indiana purebred producers with more marketing opportunities and additional channels to advertise their livestock. It also was designed to encourage and incentivize exhibitor participation. Full details and Frequently Asked Questions are available below.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the Hoosier Heritage Program? For animals to be eligible, they must be Indiana bred, born, and owned by residents of the State of Indiana. All animals, with the exclusion of market lambs, must be registered or certified by a national breed association or registry to provide proof that animal was bred within the State of Indiana. All animals, embryo-transplant or natural, must be owned or co-owned by an Indiana breeder at the time of conception and Indiana must be listed at the breeder state of origin on the registration certificate.

What are the incentives for participation in the Hoosier Heritage program? Nominations are eligible to compete for additional premiums and awards in respective species' breed divisions. All premiums are indicated in each of the department sections listed in the Indiana State Fair 4-H Entry Book. Hoosier Heritage nominations will be denoted in show programs. Breeder recognition will occur during and following the Indiana State Fair.

What species can participate? 4-H Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Dairy Goats, Meat-type Goats (Does Only)

How do I nominate animals for the Hoosier Heritage program? All nominations must be completed through the Indiana State Fair Exhibitor's Corner at To participate, the nominator must create an Exhibitor's Corner account and complete the online nomination process by selecting 430 Hoosier Heritage department from the department list. The nominator may nominate an unlimited number of animals in any division category. The nominator will be responsible for remitting the nomination fee through the online entry system.

Can I nominate animals while completing other Indiana State Fair entries? Hoosier Heritage nominations can be made during the Open and/or 4-H Online entry process by selecting Department 430: Hoosier Heritage and following prompts to enter animal information.

What is the Hoosier Heritage nomination fee? The nomination fee is $25 per head regardless of specie.

Who can make Hoosier Heritage nominations? Breeders or exhibitors can make nominations for the Hoosier Heritage program. Nominators will be required to self-identify as the breeder, exhibitor, or both (for bred and owned animals) during the nomination process.

What is the deadline for submitting Hoosier Heritage nominations? All Hoosier Heritage nominations must be completed by July 1, 2017. No late entries will be accepted.

Are crossbred animals eligible? No, only those purebred and percentage animals that are registered with an official registry and are shown in the same corresponding breed division at the Indiana State Fair. There will be no Hoosier Heritage program winner selected in any crossbred classes.

If I have a percentage animal with multiple registrations (cattle) is my final exhibition class required to match my Hoosier Heritage nomination? Yes, animals must show in the breed/classification in which they have been nominated to be eligible for associated Hoosier Heritage recognition.

Will there be a separate show day/time for the Hoosier Heritage program nominations? No. The Hoosier Heritage show will take place within the existing 4-H show(s) and Hoosier Heritage placings will coincide with show's class placings. The top placing Hoosier Heritage animal within each class will be eligible to compete for breed honors. A champion in each eligible specie breed will be named immediately following each breed's champion drive, if an additional drive is necessary.

Are animals required to be entered in the Indiana State Fair 4-H show to be eligible for Hoosier Heritage awards and premiums? Yes, exhibitors and animals must meet Indiana 4-H enrollment requirements and must be entered in the Indiana State Fair 4-H Show.

For inquiries or more information, please call 317.927.7541.

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